In 2018, we all know we need video as part of the marketing of our businesses.

Be it video for your website, Instagram Stories or your IG feed, a YouTube channel, or Facebook Live, it’s non-negotiable, no matter which industry you’re in and type of business you run.

But when it actually comes time to execute, how the heck do you get yourself up and running? How do you translate the vision in your head to something impressive on screen? Doesn’t video take hours? And isn’t it expensive?

There are so many myths and misconceptions. Stop spinning your wheels and wasting your valuable time: We’re here to help!

This course is designed specifically to streamline and simplify your shooting process so you can create videos that WORK for your brand.. again and again.

We’ll teach you how to stay out of the weeds and focus on the aspects of shooting your content that REALLY matter, giving you all of the necessary skills to achieve high production value in as little time as possible, so you can get your great new video out into the world.

X How to prep your shoot in the least amount of time possible

X Translating a script or concept from on paper to on screen

X How to tell your brand or product story through visuals

X The right equipment for creating the very best video on a budget

X How to shoot your content to get the most bang for your buck

X How to get the very best sound and lighting without spending a fortune

X Shooting basics: The hard and fast rules you NEED to know

X Our favorite hacks and production tips to save you time and money

X How to look like a video boss (even if you’ve never made a video before!)

X The best tools, tips, and apps to make your life easy during a shoot


With 5 billion videos watched EVERY SINGLE DAY on YouTube alone, and another 16 billion daily from Facebook and Snapchat, video has become an essential tool for us to organically and authentically connect with our customers and clients as creatives, influencers, and both service- and product-based businesses. Choosing to not include video as part of your content strategy also says something about your brand!

While a few years back, video was considered a marketing bonus, our customers and clients now expect it, making it a newly non-negotiable part of marketing and social media strategy. And study after study has shown us that


A few recent studies have very clearly demonstrated that if you’re not using video, you’re missing out:

  • Our brains process imagery 60,000 times faster than text
  • Viewers recall six times more information from video than that from text. Make your product stick in their minds!
  • If video is available, 60% of visitors will opt to watch it instead of reading any available text
  • By the end of 2018, video will account for a massive 79% of all online traffic.

The results of video marketing are undeniable.

Learn how to do it right, from the best in the business!


Video has become a vital marketing tool for ALL businesses, big and small.

Our students include: Fortune 500 companies employees and founders across many industries, marketing and PR professionals, badass course creators, people armed with really cool product/service/Etsy shops, photographers, accountants and finance companies, coaches, bloggers and vloggers, and all-around creatives.

If you have an awesome product, service, or brand of any kind, Video Pop’s courses and workshops will get your video in shape.

We’ll teach you how to do things correctly, in the right order, so that you’ll be able to repeat the strategy of creating amazing video again and again, without being derailed by the major pitfalls and mistakes we see people run into all the time.


Our online classes are info-packed and designed to get you moving forward quickly, giving you instant, actionable items to kick your video marketing strategy into high gear!

From 60-90 minutes to fit in around your busy schedule, Video Pop's self-paced online courses cover a wide-range of topics that approach video marketing with professional strategies.

Our courses include valuable and detailed checklists, templates and cheatsheets to keep you on track and moving forward!

Our course material was created and is taught by one of the best and most highly sought-after video content creators in the industry.


"She knows what works."

Andrea just gets how to leverage video. Inside and out. She knows what works, no matter what kind of company or business you have. Her strategies have helped me grow both for my blog and my branding and graphic design company.

- Emily

"She is simply THAT. GOOD."

Andrea makes using video to grow your influence it so simple. She helps you curate quality video efficiently and way easier than trying to go at it alone. She knows how to help shorten the learning curve without lessening the end result. She is simply THAT. GOOD.

- Julie S



• How to prep your shoot in the least amount of time possible

• How to translate a script or concept from on paper to on screen

• How to tell your brand or product story through visuals

• The right equipment for creating the very best video on a budget

• How to shoot your content to get the most bang for your buck

• How to get the very best sound and lighting without spending a fortune

• Shooting basics: The hard and fast rules you NEED to know

• Our favorite hacks and production tips to save you time and money

• How to look like a video boss (even if you’ve never made a video before!)

• The best tools, tips, and apps to make your life easy during a shoot


All Perfecting the Shoot course materials

• A complete beginner to intermediate guide to editing in Adobe Premiere for the non-tech savvy

• Video workflow guidelines – the pro way to get your videos through your edit as quickly and efficiently as possible

• The best Adobe Premiere tips, tricks, and shortcuts

• How to import your footage and organize it for peak efficiency

• How to take your videos to the next level with music, color correction, transitions, and other ‘polish’ elements

• How to create eye-catching graphics quickly, easily, and inexpensively

• Optimizing your video for social platforms - Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Perfecting the Shoot for?
Since video is incredible effective for service- and product-based businesses, coaches, creatives, influencers, and online course creators when executed correctly, Perfecting the Shoot suits nearly any brand or business. From health and wellness to beauty to food/beverage to consumer product, there’s few industries that don’t benefit tremendously from knowing how to shoot short-form content more efficiently. And executing that correctly means really knowing how to shoot your videos beautifully. It’s about operating smarter and more efficiently. Many of our students have shot before, but are simply looking for an easier way or have never done short-form video content. Others have never shot video in their lives. Past students include: Fortune 500 and 100 company employees, marketing and PR professionals, course creators, people who have a wide-range of awesome products and/or services, Etsy shop owners, photographers, career and life coaches, accountants and finance professionals, bloggers and vloggers, and all-around creatives.
Will I be expected to buy a bunch of expensive equipment?
Absolutely not! But yes, shooting video does require a few tools if you want to work smarter and not harder. Have you ever heard that old saying, ‘Penny wise, pound foolish?” Nothing could be more true when it comes to shooting great video. A few strategic, smart pieces of equipment and apps make ALL the difference. At the very least, you will need a great microphone and lighting kit to get the high production value we’re after for your videos. We typically advise our students to expect to spend about $400 on equipment, apps, and tools. It is an investment in your business. But a strategic, worthwhile one that will likely give you great return on investment. And if you take good care of your equipment, you can expect it to last at least 2-3 years. That’s longer than your iPhone :)
What if I intend to shoot on my phone?
Perfect! In Perfecting the Shoot we cover the ins and outs on both shooting on an iPhone and a DSLR so that you are able to do what’s best for YOU. Our students are about a 70/30 split on iPhone vs. DSLR. You can create truly incredible video with an iPhone these days so please do not feel it necessary to go out and buy an expensive DSLR camera. There are better places to spend your money then on expensive cameras.
What if I'm brand new to video?
Awesome! We LOVE newbies. Frankly you haven’t learned any bad habits we have to break you of. A clean slate is often easiest to start with. We’ll get you up to speed..and then some. We’d also advise you to consider our Video 101 course as well so you’re really in the know about WHAT exactly you should be creating on the video front before you start shooting. Video strategy is arguably the most important piece of the puzzle.
What if I already know how to shoot on my phone or a DSLR?
Well, wouldn't you like to increase your efficiency, use the tips and hacks the pros do, know which budget-friendly equipment is the best, which details give you the highest production value, and ultimately make your video the very best it can be? Don't risk lost opportunities. Or wasting time, wasting your efforts..or wasting your money! In Perfecting the Shoot, we aim to give you a major leg up in efficiently shooting beautiful content, avoiding the major pitfalls and mistakes we see people make again and again. You could spend years wasting time shooting mediocre, ho-hum video OR you can move forward the RIGHT way, shooting the most beautiful video possible quickly and efficiently..right from the get-go.
How long do I have access to this course?
How about forever, my friend? Access to this course will be available to you for as long as it is housed on our site. We house our courses on Teachable so that you have 24/7 access to the course. The course is updated at least once a year to reflect technology updates as well, so you’ll have the most up-to-date information available. Is that awesome or what?
How is the course delivered?
Perfecting the Shoot includes a variety of videos, PDFs, and access to our highly coveted additional resources library.
What is your refund policy?
Due to the nature of this course, and the immediate access to the curriculum, worksheets, downloads, tools, etc., all sales are final. Please make sure you are serious about investing in your brand and business prior to purchasing this course.

Andrea Corson is an Emmy-nominated television producer, digital strategist and consultant. She has created awesome video for a wide range of clients including Google, Disney, Covergirl, DSW, Carnival Cruise Line, & Nordstrom, along with a lengthy roster of start-ups, coaches, bloggers, and course creators.

A long-time entrepreneur, Andrea has always been incredibly passionate about helping her fellow creatives grow their businesses and audiences, and consequently launched Video Pop, helping these modern brands learn how to create the best possible video for their websites and social channels.

Whether you're looking to nail down the perfect strategy for your video, figure out how to make the best video for a specific social platform, launch a successful YouTube channel, hone your shooting/editing skill set, or decide you simply want to teach your team how to make video (or have someone make video for you), Andrea is a true one-stop shop.


"Andrea is just incredible at what she does."

Andrea is just incredible at what she does. It's hard to find someone who really is a one stop shop, and man, is she ever. I learned how to both shoot and edit from her, both of which I was terrified of beforehand. Other than Insta Stories, that was the extent of my “shooting” abilities. Now I shoot and edit all of the videos we do in my department. That also meant a raise :) So happy I came across these courses!

- Molly R



"I love this course!"

I LOVE THIS COURSE! And the additional resource sectional. There are SO many good things in there. I also loved that I didn’t have to spend a fortune on equipment. Everything recommended was really reasonably priced.

- Courteney O


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